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Still in development

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Portable Plan will allow you to collect information about your projects in one place.

Why? I was searching for something that will be not overloaded with functions and had the tools I need for game dev planning. However, I couldn't find such a tool, that's why I created it. 

How it works?

If you have a directory of your game project like "GAME" and you create new plan project - selecting your "GAME" directory. The program will create a directory named "_plan" to keep all files there. So you can store the whole plan inside your game project to use it with software like git

The program uses very little computer resources and is therefore ideal for everyday background use. If the program is minimized, the cpu consumption is 0%. If the program window has no focus, all processes are limited to 80%.

How to use it?

First of all you need to unpack the zip. The program creates a "Temp" directory to keep all unsaved data. With out unpacking the ability to paste images won't work.

I recommend to open the "Demo" directory with the "Load project" option to check how it looks.

The software remembers the screen position you moved on last session.


  • Left Mouse Button -> Select/Accept
  • Middle Mouse Button -> Pan View
  • Right Mouse Button -> Context menu


  • CTRL + S -> Save project
  • CTRL + L -> Load project
  • CTRL + V -> Pasting from clipboard

> List of all Features & Bugs <

Recommended system requirements

  • 32-bit or 64-bit versions of Windows (from XP to 10)
  • 500MB RAM
  • 10MB HDD Storage
Updated 15 days ago
StatusIn development
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(17 total ratings)
Made withClickteam Fusion
Tagsdesign, Game Design, Management, Minimalist, planning, productivity
Average sessionDays or more
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly


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This is amazing man, ive struggled to find a planning tool that has the look and feel i want while still being simple and tight, this is it!

Very useful tool!!


Thanks, I was looking for something like this! I saw below that you're considering an open-source rewrite. Wanted to let you know that at least one person (me) would appreciate it (and maybe even contribute)!

Is this a fork or MasterPlan?

No, it's made from scratch :)

It looks awesome :)

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So... I stumbled upon this project again...
And tweaked russian.ini just a little.
There was some Google Translate shenanigans and INCONSISTENCY. Nothing major. But now it's a little prettier. Here it is:

Ah! yes, you can't  share files through Itch...

Here my repo with it, then:


Thank you for the work. I am planning to rewrite this program and make it open-source, also then you could make a pull request directly to the PP repo :)

Any chance of adding Ctrl + Mouse wheel, as a way to zoom in and zoom out of the entire plan? (additionally/alternatively it could be Ctrl + + and Ctrl + - )

Just downloaded this tool and it seems super useful, looking forward to seeing where you take it.


this literally saved my life because of its ability 


This needs the ability to add tables for organizational sake...  Preferably where you can change the background color.


This is a request for additional functionality.

Please make the font size change.

I have the ability to scale up images, but the font size is too small. It makes my eyes tired.

I feel it would be easier to use if we could change the basic font.

Please refer to the development.


I will add this in new release.


Thanks, looking forward to the next update.


This is a good idea. Thanks for the work!


Thanks! I wanted to get MasterPlan but i cannot afford it at this time. This app is almost the same! You are my hero!


Thank you very much for such a compliment :)


Language Serbian(Cyrillic)

CTRL + LMB             CTRL + Леви тастер - Цртај

CTRL + RMB             CTRL + Десни тастер - Бриши

LMB                                 Леви тастер - обележи елемент

RMB                               Десни тастер - додатне опције

MMB                              Средњи тастер - навигација екрана

Project Name           Назив пројекта

New Project               Нови пројекат

Load Project              Отвори пројекат

Save Project                Сачувај пројекат

Save Project as          Сачувај пројекат као

New Text                     Нови текст

New Map                     Нова мапа

Paste Image                 Налепи слику

Settings                         Подешавања

Language                    Језик

Cancel                          Одустани

Save settings             Сачувај подешавања

Make new folder     Направи нови директоријум

Ok                                   Прихвати

Cancel                          Одустани

Scale up                       Увеличај

Scale down                Смањи

Delete                         Обриши

Edit text                     Уреди текст

Clone                          Направи дупликат

(2 edits) (+1)

My native language is Serbian

I translated whole interface into Serbian(Latin)

I hope this will be useful ! :D 

CTRL + LMB             CTRL + Levi taster - Crtaj

CTRL + RMB             CTRL + Desni taster - Briši 

LMB                                 Levi taster - obeleži element

RMB                               Desni taster - dodatne opcije

MMB                              Srednji taster - navigacija ekrana

Project Name           Naziv projekta

New Project               Novi projekat

Load Project              Otvori projekat

Save Project                Sačuvaj projekat

Save Project as          Sačuvaj projekat kao

New Text                     Novi tekst

New Map                     Nova mapa

Paste Image                 Nalepi sliku

Settings                         Podešavanja

Language                    Jezik

Cancel                          Odustani

Save settings             Sačuvaj podešavanja

Make new folder     Napravi novi direktorijum

Ok                                   Prihvati

Cancel                          Odustani

Scale up                       Uveličaj

Scale down                Smanji

Delete                         Obriši

Edit text                     Uredi tekst

Clone                          Napravi duplikat


Uploading images only works if you copy config file and update with picture file name, but also it messes up the transparency. But as you said, its a work in progress.

Also, it would be nice to set default project on startup

Anyways nice app made with Clickteam Fusion :D :D :D

Could you record a video of it? And also show config file and project files. I need to fix that, but I can not reproduce this issue.


Why not making it "open source" in Github? That's how the app can grow up faster and get polished by the community.

Anyway, good job!

For this app, i prefer the way it is now :)

Just curiosity, what language and/or libraries uses?

Turbo Pascal

Joke, it's made with Clickteam Fusion, good software for simple apps/games

Interesting, I will take a look at it, thanks!

I have it untouched in the Steam library + HTML5 exporter XD


I made dutch translation:


Will be implemented in new version

Small project: 
    5% CPU
    20MB RAM
    0% GPU
Big project: 
15% CPU
    200MB RAM
    0% GPU

What CPU/GPU were you using? how big is "big project"

You can test it on your device and write me the details, maybe

Like 5 blocks - small project

Maybe 50/100 blocks - big project

(2 edits) (+4)

Thanks to yunzl for providing all the interface text, I used it and translated it into Russian:

Portable Plan - Портативный План



scale up - увеличить

scale down - уменьшить

select element - выбрать элемент

contex menu - контекстное меню

project name - имя проекта

new project - новый проект

load project - загрузить проект

save project - сохранить проект

save project as - сохранить проект как

new text - новый текст

new map - новая карта

paste image - вставить изображение 

edit text - редактировать текст

clone - клонировать

delete - удалить

draw - рисовать

erase - стирать

Update 1.2 has more text for translation, so I will add

Pan canvas - Панорамировать холст

The rest (Settings, Language, Save settings, cancel) the author translated correctly


Problem: "I can't load my plan!" / "I can't load the demo plan!"

Solution: Load the parent folder. That is, load the project folder you saved the plan in, and not the "_plan" folder inside of the project. For example, load the "portable-plan/Demo" folder to check out the demo plan - loading "portable-plan/Demo/_plan" doesn't work.

Fwiw, it is in the instructions above, but I missed it too:

I recommend to open the "Demo" directory with the "Load project" option to check how it looks.

Feature request? Make loading a plan dummy-proof, so that it will load from either folder :P


It works like this, so you can have your project and the _plan in jest one directory :)

But I will make a "fix", when someone selects the _plan that it will load too



Protable Plan 便携计划

LMB  鼠标左键

RMB 鼠标右键

select element 选择元素

contex menu 上下文菜单

project name 项目名称

new project 新项目

load project 读取项目

save project 保存项目

save project as 保存项目为

new text 新文本

new map 新地图

paste image 粘贴图像

edit text 编辑文本

clone 克隆

delete 删除

draw 绘制

erase 擦除


Nice idea! I would love to use something like this as a scrapbook with all my text and images in one places instead of rooting through folders trying to find ref images or store text etc

I have feature suggestions
- double click text box to start editing text right away
- hotkeys for creating each box type
- click and box-drag to select multiple boxes to move them at once

The 'Demo' plan included seems to have nothing in it when I load it,
I also have the thing mentioned below where pasting images produces a black 1x1 square, I unzipped alpha 1.1 and I have the temp folder, but nothing gets pasted there except these black squares.
Windows 10 64-bit  English(US)

(3 edits)

I wrote down all the features you mentioned :) 

It will take me some time right now to add new features (kinda busy).  I will check whats wrong with the pasting/saving/loading.

Edit:/ Can you try run the app as admin? Maybe this will help. Cuz I do not see any problem with the code, I also have the loading and saving rewriten in alpha 1.1.

Or try loading from path like that "C:\Demo\"

Maybe your user name contains characters the program can't read

My native language is Russian, I would like to help with translation

And I also want to know how to add an image, when I create an image I have a black square

Have you unpacked the zip file?

Check if a Temp directory was created next to the EXE

Yes, Temp folder was created

Do you use the alpha 1.1? Couse 1.0 had some issues with saving.

Also when you create new project it creates the _plan directory too?

if yes check when you paste an image if the image shows there just after pasting

Yes _plan folder is created, but no image is inserted, when I click the "paste image" button, a black square appears


Very Good, this Program…

The truth is what my general language is the Spanish, and because i wanna [if you cant' not problem], a version on Spanish...

That's a good idea. I will add multiple languages to the program.

(4 edits)

Thank You!

My Language is Spanish, i'm from *Venezuela*
If you wish, I can help you to translate the Program into Spanish...

If you wish, this is my Discord: F5 Game Studio#2970


Great help when working on new games! Convenient to use. Visually clean. I use it to create a working plan. Good!


So.... You do understand that this plan can be used not only in games, but all roadmaps, right? You can just add checkbox... and that will be it.


Hmm, so you think I should add check boxes?

Or something like this, maybe?



that would be awesome, some way to mark tasks as completed, or have a list of tasks

(1 edit) (+1)

Actually... This is better...

In my opinion.

(At the time I was thinking about literally just checkbox. As a "tile")