Feature/Bug - List


  • Create projects in your main project directory (a "_plan" directory will be created)
  • Saving projects as
  • Create text boxes
  • Create map boxes
  • Paste text directly to the software (it creates text box with the copied text)
  • Paste images from clipboard
  • Zoom in and out images
  • Drag and drop all boxes
  • Cloning text boxes
  • You can move boxes with arrows after selecting them
  • Deleting boxes
  • Tooltips at the bottom of the screen
  • Double click text box to start editing text right away
  • Language settings
  • Load project when selecting "Project" and "_plan" directory ("C:\Project\_plan")

I want to add/work on:

  • Tile box (mini map editor) - make it better
  • Weblink box (opens web browser)
  • Font color customization
  • Text box  size settings
  • Tasks box
  • CTRL+D to clone/duplicate
  • Hotkeys for creating each box  type
  • Drag & Drop for multiple boxes at once
  • Font size settings
  • More...

Bugs to fix:

  • Image blocks size is not same as the grid
  • No information about closing the program, when project is not saved
  • Some problems with loading/saving (probably no permission or unreadable characters)

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