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ase2png is batch script for quick exporting of aseprite files as pngs.

Made this small tool for myself to get job done faster. 

How it works?

Just right click on a *.aseprite or *.ase file and select the "Convert ASE to PNG" option. The script will export png using Aseprite CLI.

How to install?

  • Add Aseprite directory to your PATH.  
  • Put the "ase2png.bat" anywhere you like, I recommend same directory as Aseprite installation
  • Edit "ase2png-contextmenu.reg" in Notepad and change this line: 
@="\"C:\\Directory1\\Directory2\\ase2png.bat\" \"%1\""
Use the path of ase2png.bat file
@="\"C:\\Program Files\\Aseprite\\ase2png.bat\" \"%1\""
Like this
  • Now run the "ase2png-contextmenu.reg" file, press yes etc. This will add the menu option to your "right click menu", only on the *.ase and *.aseprite files.
  • There you go. Right click on a Aseprite file and select the "Convert ASE to PNG" option. It should popup a console window for 1 sec and  then a exported PNG file with the same name of the selected  ASE file should appear.

    Aseprite © David Capello

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    awesome tool. thanks :)

    Thanks, is this still working? :D I made it long ago :)